Toronto Wedding Photographer 

My name is Mashal Asif and I am the visual storyteller behind the lens at Sanaa Studio. 

As a Wedding Photographer in Toronto, I will provide you a hassle-free wedding photography service and assure you that the entire process is going to be a seamless experience that allows you to focus on enjoying the moments leading up to the wedding and the amazing day itself.

Every Wedding I shot I have done my best to make it as personal as I can, this makes the wedding day run much smoother without any stress.

Once you have made the choice of booking your Wedding Photography with me, I would love to get to know each other more and hopefully get a cup of coffee to really build a rapport or possible friendship.

On your Wedding Day, you'll see me as a friend even just for the day of the Wedding; second, you'll get those nice candid photos throughout the wedding because you will be comfortable in front of the camera since you already know me, and lastly if you have any request the day of, you'll be less hesitant in asking me and I'll do my best to best to make it happen.

Also do not be afraid to call me! I love talking to my new clients over the phone its a great ice breaker to get to know you guys and vice versa :)

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Through the lens, memories await.